Thomas Huber


Thomas Huber: In den Bergen ist Freiheit

For decades, the world-famous climber and extreme mountaineer Thomas Huber has been moving close to the edge: Celebrating successful first ascents and spectacular expeditions, he also suffers defeats, accidents and illness. Always pushing the boundaries, he makes a virtue out of failure, getting up again every time. He reads from his book In den Bergen ist Freiheit (Mountains are Freedom) and, using photos and video footage, gives us an insight into the wild journey that his and his brother’s lives have already been. From their first steps at the foot of the Alps to Yosemite, the Arctic and Antarctica, Patagonia and to the Karakorum and the Himalayas, their life story is the stuff of legend.

The lecture begins at 08:00 pm in the Steiermarksaal.
A book-signing event will take place half an hour before the beginning of the lecture in the exhibiton hall.




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Thomas Huber