On Saturday, November 18, at 7 pm, festival founder Hans-Robert Schauer welcomes the audience, honourable guests and contest participants at the Long Night of Mountain Films in the Congress Center Graz.
We award the winners in the international contest of filmmakers 2023 with the prizes of Mountainfilm Graz live on stage. Right after the ceremony, the prize-winning films will be shown again.

Thomas Huber at Mountainfilm Graz 2023

The festival welcomes Thomas Huber, the elder of the two “Huberbuam”, who will read from his newly published book “In den Bergen ist Freiheit” (In the mountains is freedom), accompanied by pictures and videos.

His wild life always takes the world-famous climber and extreme mountaineer hard to the abyss. Between spectacular first ascents and expeditions, he has to fight accidents and failure again and again – and grows from it.

World premieres at Mountainfilm Graz 2023

Jeremy Hogarth


In breathtaking images, we experience the stars of Rudyard Kipling’s literary classic in the India of today. Bagheera the panther knows all the animals of the jungle, including the tiger Shere Khan and Hathi, the head of the elephant troop. Baloo the Bear, Mowgli’s sleepy teacher, is a loner and has a temper; even Shere Khan avoids him. Further to the south-east, in an ancient kingdom of stone, the bandar-log monkeys are up to mischief. Today, in the last free grasslands of India, a mere 3000 Indian wolves are fighting for survival. Times may have changed, but the law of the jungle still applies here.
This world premiere will be shown out of competition.
Friday 17.11., Stefaniensaal, 07:30 pm
Joaquin Azulay & Julian Azulay


Part two of “African Territory”. Starting out in Cameroon and heading southwards, the Gauchos del Mar brothers continue to share with the locals, exploring jungles and deserts, and spreading environmental, conservation and human equality messages while surfing solitary waves. It is Africa that continues to set the rules in this diverse, intense and practically unfathomable continent that never stops surprising them throughout 22 months travelled and 24 countries visited.
Thursday 16.11., Schubertkino Saal 1, 07:15 pm