Alessandro d'Emilia


Day Dream – Searching for the Inner Peak

Day Dream tells the story of two characters connected to the mountains. Fausto de Stefani, an alpinist and naturalist, has climbed all 14 peaks of the 8000-series, the highest mountains in the world. Now he imagines metaphorically conquering a fifteenth mountain. His dream comes true when he decides to build a school in Nepal to create an educational opportunity for children in Nepal. Simone Salvagnin is a visually impaired Paralympic athlete who has always dreamt of taking a trip to Nepal. Although the two characters do not physically meet in the short film, their visions intertwine. Their approach is characterized by slowness, listening and respect for the nature, people, sounds, and scents that surround them.


Italienisch / engl. UT


Sports in Mountains & Nature


25 min




Alessandro d'Emilia